Name That Gadget…


Okay, I’m back from another assignment and this is a nifty souvenir I picked up. Any idea what it is? (hint: of course it’s food related!)


47 thoughts on “Name That Gadget…

  1. It looks like the tomato slicers we used at Burger King in 1976. They were evil, as they sliced knuckles regularly as well.

  2. Hi just called in from Bleeding Espresso…I think it is a Pasta Cutter…Going to have a good read of your blog later…I have found lots of good ones lately…now so many too read…:-)

  3. Oh, Now I see the box below…. yeah, a pasta cutter!… Dummy me!!!!! 🙂

  4. I have no clue what the mystery tool is but after googling what a chitarra was I have to agree it looks like that. My first thought was a bread slicer but the slices are awfully thin and I’m not sure they use slicers over in Europe.I found your blog through Bleeding Espresso, great job.

  5. Sheesh, you guys know your obscure regional cooking implements, don’t you? It is, of course, a chitarra, for cutting pasta. As for where I picked it up, Brett nailed that one on the head. And he even knew the name in local dialect! More soon…

  6. Neat! Is the word "chitarra" based on the Italian for "guitar"? That would make sense. (Yes, I have no Italian beyond "Dove sono le mie chiavi?")

  7. as Francesca wrote, it’the ‘chitarra’ for cutting the ‘spaghetti alla chitarra’.

  8. It’s a chitarra, a tool to cut a typical pasta from Abruzzo, Italy: the spaghetti alla chitarra.

  9. …everyone in Abruzzo knows!!Melissa, thank You for Your description of "Ceppe" the traditional pasta of Civitella del Tronto.

  10. Kitt – As bleeding espresso confirmed, it does indeed mean ‘guitar’. Not too hard to see why, eh?Maurizio – Thank you for such a wonderful meal!Maven – I’ve never seen or heard of that use for a chitarra, but one of the Italians here should be able to say for sure.

  11. and no, I didn’t read the comments before me! 😀 I was in Italy for a week in the end of May. oh, I’m in love. I’ve been listening to Paolo Conte since I got back, living in a piedmontese movie!

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