New Clothes


Maybe it was the stunningly beautiful weather we had last week that put thoughts of spring wardrobes in my head, or maybe it’s just that I have far too many things compelling me to procrastinate at the moment. Whatever the reason, a few days ago I woke up hell-bent on change, and countless hours of tinkering, fiddling and comparing minute adjustments later, this is what resulted. Actually finding a new design I liked only turned out to be only half the battle, though – that cheery orange wallpaper had been around since day one, and saying goodbye was no easy task. Who would have guessed that a few pixels could feel so much like family?

But now that I’ve taken the plunge I’m feeling much better, so I’d like to invite you all to pull up a chair, grab a cold drink, and watch the paint dry before your eyes (gee that sounds like fun, doesn’t it?). Oh, and let me know what you think, of course!

p.s. I’ve tested it in several browsers, but let me know if you have any technical issues…

p.p.s. If you can’t see anything new, you probably need to clear your cache!