Can You Guess…


…where we’re going?





See you in a couple of weeks with all the juicy details. 


38 thoughts on “Can You Guess…

  1. That’s gotta be Morocco!!! Ooohh I can’t wait to hear all about it! I’m planning a trip there in October/November. Have fun spice shopping! 🙂

  2. morocco, for sure. i’ve taken almost exactly the same picture of essaouira, last december. & the atlas mountains! amazing.

  3. Jaipur.spices- turmeric,red chilli,could be India as they display spices in similar fashion and jaipur does have castles resembling but its the sea gulls make me believe its morocco !

  4. Morocco, 100% sure. For the arrangement of the spices and the tiles on the wall and the architecture. Have fun. It’s a beautiful country.

  5. Too easy for me as I lived in Morocco for 6 years and Essaouira was one of my favourite places there… It slightly looks like St Malo (in France) that I adore.Enjoy your trip! the light, the people, the food…

  6. Mmh, Essaouira, top of destinations list. Can’t wait for your recipes of harira, tajine and cornes de gazelle. Yummy!

  7. So, so beautiful! Please take lots of pictures so us poor homebound folks can enjoy vicariously.. Have a wonderful time, can’t wait to read the details!

  8. That’s definitely Essaouira in Morocco, for sure. Essaouira was the best place I visited in Morocco, people were so friendly and it was the safest I felt. Trouble is, I didn’t spend enough time there as was travelling through the country from Agadir to Casablanca where I got chronic food poisoning. I made a mistake of visiting El Jadida after Marrakech (on the coast) but was too late to go back.

  9. I just want so badly to go to Morocco. But if someone else gets to go instead, I’m glad it’s you, as you will provide us with the vicarious Morocco experience. I’m counting on you- despite being consumed with envy.

  10. Hi – I just found this site, and I love it. Thanks especially for the panelle recipe below. My disseration is on medieval Sicily, and when I was there last I think I ate panelle on a roll at least once every day! I look forward to future Sicilian or other Mediterranean recipes from you in the future.Have a blast in Morocco – can’t wait to see what food-related adventures you had there!

  11. How beautiful! The picture of the spice sellers in your previous post is breathtaking. How do the merchants protect them against the wind and debris?

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