18 thoughts on “What City is This?

  1. I believe it to be my hometown ;)God I miss the sun over Notre Dame de la Garde…London is still a good city though 🙂

  2. It’s Marseille!!!! Je t’aime….I lived there for four months last year for school and by far the best time of my life!!!

  3. Its Marseille! I just came back from a three weeks holiday! The weather is superb! You have to visit Palais Longchamp as well!

  4. i guessed it was Marseille just from reading the title… Even if we all are wrong, it still looks like you have a lot of factors to make it a great plave where to be! I miss the sea so much.

  5. That soup is one of the most appetizing soups I have ever seen! I think it has something to do with the color. And I can say that the soup is really thick and has a powerful taste!

  6. Lucky you, eating the best soup ever in my favorite city. Have fun in Marseille 🙂

  7. is that a bouaillabaisse or is that a soupe de poisson with a little rouille on that crouton? either way, mmmmmmmmm. don’t forget the moules et frites!

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