Next Stop: Jamaica



This picture is my not-so-subtle attempt to let you know what the next two weeks will consist of chez the Traveler’s Lunchbox. Those of you who have been reading since last December might recall some particularly good news I received shortly before Christmas that involved a magazine, a competition, and a sun-drenched Caribbean island. After six long months of arrangements and negotiations, the time has finally come to jet off to Jamaica! As guilty as I feel about abandoning you yet again, I hope you’ll forgive me since, after all, this time it’s all about the food!

We’ll be spending two weeks experiencing the different faces of Jamaica – the first week soaking in the slow life of the rural south coast (Treasure Beach, to be exact), and the second in Montego Bay, the main tourist enclave. Along the way we’ll see some rum-making in action, attend cooking classes, visit markets and eat in a lot of restaurants. Oh, and of course we’ll try our hand at lounging on as many beaches as we can find in an attempt to make up for years of accumulated sun deficit from living in Scotland. In fact, by the time this is published, we’ll probably be doing exactly that.

See you soon!