Food Blog Awards 2005

Holy Moly! My nine months at the helm of this blog have brought many surprises and delights, but perhaps none greater than today’s. Just a few hours ago the finalists of the ‘Oscars of food blogging’ were announced at the Accidental Hedonist, after weeks of deliberation and painstaking research by the panel of judges. I can hardly believe it (and in fact keep refreshing the announcement to make sure I haven’t been hallucinating!), but I have the incredible honor of being named a finalist in FIVE separate categories for the 2005 Food Blog Awards! They are:

Best Overall Food Blog – Reader’s Choice

Best New Food Blog

Best Food Blog – Writing

Best Food Blog – Recipes 

Best Post – Reader’s Choice

I am, of course, stunned as well as humbled to be in the company of such gifted writers, photographers and cooks in this competition. There is amazing talent represented here – please spend some time getting to know all the nominees before casting your vote. Also, if you haven’t already, take a few minutes to peruse the original nominations in each category – there are many, many deserving blogs that were nominated but didn’t make the final selection.

I would like to extend a huge heartfelt thank-you to everyone who nominated me in the first round, as well as my limitless gratitude to Kate, Meg, Owen, Derrick and Paul (aka the judges) for selflessly giving up their own eligibility for an award in order to labor for weeks (during the holidays, no less!) to come up with the finalists. But most of all I can’t say thank you enough to all my readers – both old and new – for making this tiny little corner of the web what it is. Your feedback and enthusiasm mean the world to me, and have enriched my life incalculably over the past nine months. I hope The Traveler’s Lunchbox has enriched yours.



Update: The 2006 Weblog Awards have also started taking nominations, and this year include many categories relevant to food blogging. You have until January 10 to submit your nominations!